Only for you

I tried to see bright and clear
But it’s so hard if you’re not near
So I close my eyes
Imagining you would be here

Then everything seems bright, not low
I will never let you go
But this is just a dream
I know

But I have to do
Do it for you
Life goes on and on
Because if I don’t
Then I won’t
Be able to hold on

Even though when I think I’m weak
You’re the one who believes in me
And you made me see
What you are seeing in me

You tell me that I’m strong and I will find my way
And even when you’re not here, you’ll stay
Always by my side
You say

That I have to do
Do it for you
Life goes on and on
And for our sake
I won’t break
I will stay strong

For you, just for you
I am singing this song. Can’t you hear – it’s true?
All night long I’m sitting here with my guitar
At the moment you are far
But you’ll be back soon
So I wish you all the best and send you all my love
While I’m singing to the moon
A song for you

Only for you

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