Weird Things

I need time. Time to think about what happened. Time to understand, trying to understand everything. Time to replace what I gave away. Time to realize what I lost.

Time… such a weird word. Such a weird thing.
What is time? It’s subjective, but you can measure it. It’s a tool for science. But it’s invisible. It exists and somehow it doesn’t. You cannot touch it. You cannot see it. And still – it’s there. And somehow… It’s running against you.

Time heals all wounds… such a weird saying. I think this sentence was the last hope for an almost hopeless man, who was still trying to hold onto something that has already passed a long, long time ago.

The heart… such a weird thing. Isn’t it just an organ? Consisting of muscle? Made out of cells? But why has it emotions then? Why does it hurt even though it’s healthy?
I don’t know.

Time heals all wounds.
I don’t know.

Time brings all the answers.
I don’t know.

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