Pain of separation

Late at night
I’m waiting for your call
Now and then
We don’t talk at all
I want you close
I want you by my side
Longing for you
Every day and night

It breaks my heart
To see you from afar
Like me on earth
Looking up to a star
Did something happen?
I can clearly see
Something is wrong
Because you see through me

Why aren’t you here?
Why are you so far away?

Oh, come back home!
It’s so lonely without you
I feel so empty. How are you?
Oh, come back home
Won’t you come back home?
Please, just tell me what went wrong
Without knowing I can’t move on

I feel so lonely
Walking this long and thorny road
Completely on my own
I thought I was your only
But obviously
I was wrong
And you are already gone

I am angry
I am getting mad
Feeling so cold
While lying in my bed
Thinking about
What is going on
My thoughts are spinning
How can I be strong?
How can I move on?

It’s not fair
To leave without a word to say
Despite of all
I still pray
For you
That you are healthy
That you are okay
Happy and also fine
Even though you are not mine

Why aren’t you here?
Why are you so far away?

I wish you all the best
From the bottom of my heart
I wish you’ll find the one
And then you should act smart
Stay by their side
Never leave them alone
Don’t walk away
Don’t be cold as a stone

Don’t come back home
I am lonely without you
But I know I’ll make it through
Don’t come back home
Stay away from me
Even though it all went wrong
I will heal and then move on

I will walk this road
On my own
Chasing my dreams
While growing strong
I won’t look back
I’ll find my way
I’ll find the place I’m meant to be
I will find happiness
And then I’ll stay

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