I don’t know what I should do
How can I tell which path to choose
I don’t know which way to go
I’m feeling so lost

I can still remember my heart was beating fast
Every time when you were here
Now everything is different, my heart doesn’t care
Anymore when you are near

Oh, please tell me! How could I just move on?
After loving someone that long

You told me that you could change
But now my fate is gone
Though I can see things are different now
I can’t tell you when it happened
But my heart already moved on
I want to feel free but I don’t know how

Oh, please tell me! How could it get so far?
How do I escape this battlefield?
I want to stop this war

We grew apart day by day
I can’t ignore that anymore
Everything we had is gone
How can you still say you love me?
Open your eyes and see the truth
Why do you still keep holding on?

Oh, please tell me! I know that you know
That everything is over now
You need to let me go

And I’m feeling like I’m running in circles
Feeling like there is no escape
Feeling every pain and scar you’ve done to me
It has to stop, it cannot wait
And suddenly I know, suddenly I can see
Which is my way to go
And as soon as I leave you I can breathe again
I need this change because now I know

That I was losing my mind, I am losing my mind
I need to be free
You’re holding me down, down on my knees
I’ve lost the real me
I need to decide which way to go
And now I know
What I should do
And I am sure
On my way there’s no me and you

I know what I should do
I can tell the path I have to choose
Now I know I have to go
Because I don’t want to feel lost

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