The healing

Yesterday was a sunny day
And now I’m only seeing rain
Yesterday everything seemed to be okay
Today I can only feel the pain
Yesterday, I ran to your bed just to see
That the light in your eyes has passed away
Your breath stopped
And sorrow almost overwhelmed me

Felt like I badly hit the ground
I came too late
Your exanimated eyes just stared at me
You heart didn’t even make a sound

“Keep holding on, you’ll make it through!”
I was screaming right to you
But you couldn’t hear me anymore
And with burnt lungs and wet eyes
I recognized
The silence around us here
There’s so much I should have told you before

Now I’m standing in the rain
It feels like nothing could ever change
But I’m still trying to go on
although I’m left in pain

I’m lost, it feels like I can’t find my way
I know I should be strong
But while I’m staring at your desolated grave
Wearing my black dress for you
This tremendous pain inside
Prevents me from moving on

Maybe, and I honestly hope so
It’s all part of a bigger plan
We don’t understand
And one day maybe
There will be a sunny day again.

And wherever you are
I hope you found peace
I know you still keep
Careful watch of me
Will you wait for me in heaven?
Will I see you once again?
But now I’m crying for you
Just like the rest of them

You can bar the drops from falling
You can really stop the rain
Because it’s impossible
To wash away this dreadful pain

One sight to the left and one to the right
I’m just seeing broken hearts
Now, if you were here
You would smile and you would say
That everything will be okay
One step behind me
On my shoulder lies your hand
And finally I can feel it
The healing
It starts.

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