One moment of a short walk through Seoul by night

Alone under millions

Lights are shimmering through the darkest night
Lights from the street lamps flicker
As much as the lights from the endless road of neon signs along the brick walls of the low buildings and the higher ones behind them
In the air there is a certain amount of moisture that signals the approaching rain
From afar conversations and laughter are coming to my ears
From the bars and pubs and restaurants right next to me

Which are cheerfully threaded, like pearls on a string
One by one, one after another
Whispering softly
So close and yet so far

About ten meters in front of me I can see a girl and a boy
Talking to each other
While taking a more or less romantic walk
Sharing their excitement
Their affection
Their love?

The cooling night breeze conjures a shiver on my body
Do they feel that too?
I’m just wondering
Just curious

I know them
The boy and the girl
They are my friends
Friends I haven’t met long ago
New friends
They would look great together though

I am walking alone
About ten meters behind them

As the first raindrops start falling the umbrellas open up
In front of me, behind me
To my right and to my left
People who are passing by seeking shelter from the rain
I like the smell of it
So fresh, so clean
So new

She is laughing
My friend
Takes me back, from my thoughts back to reality
And I just realize
I could just disappear right now, vanish
Like the cherry blossoms do
Suddenly gone from one day to another
In the middle of Seoul
Nobody would notice, nobody would care
I could just go with the rain
Slowly washing away

I’m tired, it’s late
I think I will leave soon
Going home
Why do I have to smile now?
It just happens, I cannot hide it
And I mean, it’s a home though, right?
A temporary home, a lonely hotel room

I’m changing directions, walking “home”
Through the dark streets
Those brightly lit, dark streets
All alone
Surrounded by hundreds
Hundreds of buildings
Hundreds of cars
Thousands of people
Millions of raindrops
In the endless night
Me and my umbrella
Me and my lonely heart