I promise.

All I’ve ever known
Was that I’m a girl and you’re a boy
And if you played with me
I wouldn’t want to be your toy
I really wanted to believe
But I couldn’t ignore this fact
The cold in your eyes was killing me
So I promised you that I would leave
And I never would come back

And now you are still quiet
Are you kidding?
Should this be finally our end?
Well, I go without turning around –
You still don’t make a sound!
That’s a pain I cannot stand…
And I fight against my tears
Nothing worth our last four years.

Quietly you are starring at me; I can feel it on my back
How dare you?
Just watching me how I leave; But I still keep going on
So my promise will come true.

I hope you had your little fun
But I’m not an object, I’m alive!
You scaled my sky and stole my sun
Way too late I threw you out of my life

Never play games with a heart that isn’t yours
It always ends in screaming and slamming doors
And at the end of the day
One will make a promise, sad but true
But in the end
The lonely person will be you

But I know things now
And I make another promise to my heart
My lonely friend
If any guy will bring me down, I leave
Because I’ll never make that mistake
Called love again.

I promise.

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